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Mapping the Client Journey – The Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Digital Age

digital marketing guide for law firms

Law school provides a wonderful, stimulating, challenging education.  You are a changed person after law school.  You are now able to “think like a lawyer.”  Yet, there are some things that are lacking when you walk off that podium with the J.D. degree in your eager little hands.  As we all know, law school does […]

6 Tips So Your Law Firm Can Get the Most Out of Podcasting

Podcast Marketing for Law firm

What is the latest, trendiest way to be informed and entertained?  Podcasts. For those of you who already know what a podcast is, then you already know the power of the podcast.  For those of you who never heard the term “podcast” before, it is time to ask a millennial family member what all the […]

How Can Your Law Firm Get Those Great Google Rankings? Think About Being the Life of the Party

Law Firm Marketing

If you are a marketing specialist at a large law firm, a partner in a small law firm, or you are running your own shop, marketing is on your mind.  You want to grab those potential clients with a great website, have those potential clients read your expert-level content, and then get those potential clients […]

Old Dog with New Tricks: Email Marketing As Part Of Your Overall Digital Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing

With all of the new digital marketing strategies out there – pay-per-click advertisements, content with strong search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, reputation management, contextual targeting, and of course a compelling website – it might be easy to diminish email marketing as a lesser-used, even antiquated, way of marketing your business or law firm.  […]