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Do You Have a Marketing Mindset?

Marketing mindset

When you are marketing anything – from your law firm practice to your new lemon-juicer-meat-tenderizer-in-one invention – you will face rejection. Lots of it.   Dealing with Rejection is All About Your Frame of Mind Without question, getting a practice started, or re-started after a pandemic, is daunting and full of false starts, insecurity, and rejection […]

Has COVID-19 Ushered in Remote Legal Services for Good?

remote legal services

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, law firms were navigating a world of enhanced technology, increasing rent costs for office space, too much downtime during a long commute, a continued blending of work and home life, and a motivation to serve clients more efficiently. All of those factors accelerated the move towards remote legal services and […]

Is PPC Worthwhile During the COVID-19 Crisis?

PPC worthwhile during the COVID-19 crisis

They say that the COVID-19 virus does not discriminate as to which a person can be infected. The same is true with regard to the economic fallout from the virus. The COVID-19 virus does not discriminate as to what businesses will be impacted by the pandemic. Indeed, Variety magazine reports that Facebook and Google could […]

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