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Personalization: The Next Frontier in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency in Florida

With customers spending more and more time on digital platforms, creating a personalized experience is the way to capture someone’s attention Do you remember the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise?  It was the 2002 science fiction thriller directed by Stephen Spielberg and based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. Of course, the […]

Conversational User Interface: A Way to Communicate with Customers that Digital Marketers Cannot Ignore

Conversational User Interface

“Alexa, play some slow jazz . . .” Sound familiar?  Amazon’s conversational user interface – the Amazon Echo – allows us to use a digital device, named “Alexa,” by simply speaking, and Alexa will respond by voice as long as we are within Alexa’s digital earshot.  It is an amazing tool that presages what the […]

Oamii Has Its Finger on the Pulse of the Next Video Trend in Digital Marketing: Professional Live Video

Pulse of the Next Video Trend in Digital Marketing

As they say – “the number don’t lie.”  So, what do the numbers tell us about the power of video in a company’s digital marketing strategy? According to Wyzowl’s fourth annual State of Video Marketing Survey, the number of companies using video for marketing purposes is up in 2018 almost 20% from 2017.  Additionally, 81% […]

Customer Journey Optimization – Oamii Strives To Provide Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Strategies

Custom Journey Online Marketing Tablet

What does the customer want when he or she is navigating your website?  What is the customer’s end-goal?  How does the customer feel during the website visit?  Those are all incredibly important questions to answer in order to truly develop a website and digital marketing strategy that will optimize your conversion rate. We at Oamii […]

Influencer Marketing: Next Big Thing or Digital Marketing Flash in the Pan?

Influencer Marketing

Oamii is a Florida digital marketing company that is not only on top of the latest trends, but also can see the next trends coming on the horizon.  As a premier digital marketing agency in South Florida, Oamii makes sure to concern itself with what social media strategies will work best for its clients. As […]

The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing: Augmented Reality Coupled With Social Media

Oamii Augumented Reality Cellphone Camera Skyline

Augmented Reality (AR) may be hitting the big time!  While AR is not necessarily brand new technology, it has never been in the mainstream.  However, with mobile devices as ubiquitous as they are these days, AR’s time as a powerful digital marketing tool may have come, and Florida web marketing company, Oamii, is poised to […]