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Market Segmentation. What Is It and can It Help My Law Firm Marketing?

Market Segmentation For Law Firm

Law firms cannot avoid the need to engage in digital marketing.  According to a 2015 study, just a few years ago about 65% of all law firm websites were not optimized for mobile devices, 27% did not have the firm’s phone number on the home page, and – shockingly – about 40% of law firms […]

What’s the State-a Your Data? Leveraging Data to Market Your Law Firm Successfully

Digital Marketing for Your Law Firm

“I don’t do math, that’s why I went to law school.”  That joke has been around for a while, but it never seems to get old.  That’s partly because there’s so much truth to it.  People who are typically drawn to the practice of law are not big fans of working with numbers.  They like […]

Do You Want Your Law Firm Marketing to Move at Hyperspeed? Think Hyperlocal

Local Marketing for Law Firm

Be honest. Have you recently done a “near me” search?  Just last night when you had that hankering for Chinese, did you do a quick Google search on your phone for “chinese restaurants near me?”  When you were out on that business trip and you needed to get your morning brew, did you do a […]

Intelligent Law Firm Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Law Firm

“Recommendations for You,” “Customers also bought,” “Top Picks for You.”  Have you encountered any of those phrases online recently?  Sure you have.  If you purchased anything on Amazon, if you watched your favorite episode of Friends on Netflix, if you listened to your favorite 80s song on Spotify, or if you watched a cuddly cat […]

Mapping the Client Journey – The Guide to Law Firm Marketing in the Digital Age

digital marketing guide for law firms

Law school provides a wonderful, stimulating, challenging education.  You are a changed person after law school.  You are now able to “think like a lawyer.”  Yet, there are some things that are lacking when you walk off that podium with the J.D. degree in your eager little hands.  As we all know, law school does […]

6 Tips So Your Law Firm Can Get the Most Out of Podcasting

Podcast Marketing for Law firm

What is the latest, trendiest way to be informed and entertained?  Podcasts. For those of you who already know what a podcast is, then you already know the power of the podcast.  For those of you who never heard the term “podcast” before, it is time to ask a millennial family member what all the […]