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Are You Trapped In A Long-Term Marketing Contract for Your Law Firm? There May Be An Escape

Don't Be Trapped in Long Term Digital Marketing Contracts Finger Trap

It seems to be a bad year for well-known legal marketing company FindLaw.  In 2018, FindLaw has been named as a defendant in two unrelated cases, both of which allege that FindLaw has provided far less than what was promised. FindLaw Finds That It Is In Legal Hot Water In one case, a Dallas attorney […]

Law Firms Need to Extend Their Brand: Paid Search Ads (PPC) Bring Ideal Clients To Your Website

Pay Per Click Advertising

Today, competition for both clients and top talent is stiff in the legal industry.  How do you get ahead of the curve for both challenges?  The answer is digital marketing.  And not just any old digital marketing, but marketing strategies that go beyond your website and bring clients to your website.   One great way to […]

Law Firms, You Need to Manage Your Online Reputation: Oamii’s Expertise Can Help

Reputation Management for Law Firm

In any business, reputation is everything. Without a good reputation in the marketplace, your business will not be able to attract customers or command customer loyalty. Without those fundamentals, your business ultimately will be bested by the competition. Those basic principles apply to law firms as well. Now that we are in the digital age, managing the […]

They Don’t Teach You SEO In Law School: Let Oamii Be Your Legal Digital Marketing Solution

Digital Marketing Solutions

Contracts, Torts, Property, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law – ah, the classes you take in law school.  Do they prepare you for thinking like a lawyer?  Sure.  Do they hone your ability to understand dense, legal analyses?  Yep.  Do they unlock the noble legal principles that have guided this country since the Revolution?  Of course.  Do […]

Your Law Firm Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy: Attorneys, Oamii Is Ready to Help Your Book of Business

Digital Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation

Anyone familiar with the legal world knows that law is becoming more and more of a business.  Gone are the days of a small legal practice moving through the decades with a steady stream of cases while skirting the untidy waters of marketing, of managing a book of business, and of networking for clients.  Gone […]

The Cost Per Experiment Metric – Good Digital Marketing Is Knowing Your Digital Marketing ROI

Numbers Chart for Digital Marketing Chart

There are so many old adages to choose from:  “Practice makes perfect,” “ At first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” and “You got to be in it, to win it.” All of those pithy, inspirational phrases go back to one main idea – don’t rest on your laurels, try new […]