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Do You Have a Marketing Mindset?

Marketing mindset

When you are marketing anything – from your law firm practice to your new lemon-juicer-meat-tenderizer-in-one invention – you will face rejection. Lots of it.   Dealing with Rejection is All About Your Frame of Mind Without question, getting a practice started, or re-started after a pandemic, is daunting and full of false starts, insecurity, and rejection […]

Has COVID-19 Ushered in Remote Legal Services for Good?

remote legal services

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, law firms were navigating a world of enhanced technology, increasing rent costs for office space, too much downtime during a long commute, a continued blending of work and home life, and a motivation to serve clients more efficiently. All of those factors accelerated the move towards remote legal services and […]

8 Great Marketing Tips to Make the Most of Sheltering at Home

marketing tips

As you well know, networking lunches, industry conferences, and cocktail hours are gone for a while. Accordingly, the best option for your law firm marketing resources is to, of course, go online. In fact, the New York Times recently reported that online activity has surged lately, up by about 25%. You may feel inclined to […]