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Top 10 Trending PPC Strategies

PPC strategies

Diversifying your law firm marketing is the best way to hedge your bets and capture the most leads. Yet, you want to be smart with your marketing budget. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 pay per click strategies that are trending today.   If, after reading this article, you have more questions about […]

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A “How-To” Guide for PPC Newbies


Did you know that 64% of consumers click on Google ads when shopping online? While you might think that the little “Ad” box for those websites that appear at the top of the page in your Google search results might turn people away, more than half of consumers clearly disagree. That means that PPC advertising, […]

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Is PPC Worthwhile During the COVID-19 Crisis?

PPC worthwhile during the COVID-19 crisis

They say that the COVID-19 virus does not discriminate as to which a person can be infected. The same is true with regard to the economic fallout from the virus. The COVID-19 virus does not discriminate as to what businesses will be impacted by the pandemic. Indeed, Variety magazine reports that Facebook and Google could […]

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