Cost Per Experiment with Oamii

Video Transription

To stay competitive your law firm must adapt to the current marketing trends but it’s also important to try new digital marketing strategies as well.  That’s where cost per experiment comes in.  This metric measures the aggregate impact that a marketing innovation has on your return on investment or ROI. Clicks, shares, and impressions can help you determine whether your approach has an impact. However, the cost per experiment – gives a more helpful, 30,000-foot view on how your digital marketing dollars are translating into profit.  It’s important to pay attention to the data and continue to experiment to see what works best.  Running a law firm and handling a marketing campaign can be a challenge which is why it’s important to get guidance.  Oamii, (Ah-mee) the South Florida digital marketing agency helps law firms of all sizes outrank their competitors and attract new intake. Call for a free consultation.