Law Firm Marketing Solutions

Video Transcription

Effectively marketing your law firm is a challenge. Recently FindLaw found itself In Legal Hot Water, named as a defendant in two unrelated cases, which allege that FindLaw provided far less than what was promised. In one case, a Dallas attorney says they promised a custom website to coincide with the opening of his new law firm. Instead, he received a cookie cutter site he says and was forced to delay the opening but yet FindLaw still wanted a $45,000 fee. A Pittsburgh firm paid almost $300,000 to FindLaw over seven years, but say they received unoriginal blogs, copied from hundreds of other FindLaw websites throughout the country. They're alleging fraud, misrepresentation, breach of contract, and negligence. If your legal marketing agency is not delivering results and value, get out of the contract. Oamii, South Florida's premier digital marketing agency can migrate your content to a different platform without a long-term commitment. They provide one-on-one service that the big providers cannot.