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  • Google Simply Loves Social Media – Be talked about and get social media buzzing. For lawyers and law firms, social media marketing is as important as it is for any other business. Google loves when people talk about you; it ranks your business higher. Sending out social signals in a steady stream on diverse platforms will give a boost to your online presence and reputation. In Florida, most of your clients are on social media, reach out to them by being socially active.
  • Open 24/7 – Social media gives an opportunity to your present and prospective clients to interact and engage with you. In turn, the likelihood that they will share your content increases. There are no holidays. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, your brand is being enhanced over social media through messages and content.
  • Strengthen Your Brand – Social media is important for attorneys and legal firms to amplify their brand. Lawyers can exponentially increase their potential clients through comprehensive social media marketing. Social sharing of your content by one can also reach out to millions of which a few thousand could be your future clients.
  • Building Trust – In the legal profession, it’s all about trust and confidentiality. Lawyers need a good social media company just like us to develop a comprehensive social media strategy for building trust. Promote confidence and faith in the minds of your current and future clients through social campaigns.

Be where your clients are

Today’s legal consumers turn to social media while looking for recommendations. In fact, they also check out lawyers and law firms on social media along with how people have reviewed their services. It is an unbelievably effective means of building and gaining trust for yourself and also for your law firm’s brand.

cost of social media marketing in West Palm Beach, Florida

For lawyers, the cost of social media marketing in Florida is not fixed but depends on the following –

  • How is the competition in your niche?
  • What kind of customers would you like to draw towards your company?
  • How successful are your present social media tactics?
  • How aggressive and dynamic you want to be?
  • Are you in danger of being or already have been penalized by Google?

oamii helps you find the answers

Social media can be confusing for attorneys, so you may find it difficult to answers the above questions. We help you find the answers and pave your way towards the right social media strategy.



  • Strategy Development – We design a strategy that revolves around your company’s goals. The strategy is driven by an in-depth competitive analysis and the ideal customer persona, both of which are taken care of by us.
  • Content Creation – The content is created based on your brand values and the messages you want to drive across. We help you share valuable insights through SEO optimized legal articles to represent all that your brand stands for.
  • Monitor & Engage – Your account is monitored daily, and customers that ask a question are duly answered within 24 hours.
  • Growth Optimization – We use only organic strategies to increase your follower base of clients most likely to use the services you offer.
  • Measurement & Reporting – Get detailed reports, every month on how your social media campaigns are progressing.

At Oamii, we are here for all of your digital marketing needs. Aside from reputation management, we also offer the following:

Website DesignSeach Engine OptimizationPaid Search Marketing, and Reputation Management.

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