The Marketing Mindset Part 2: Vulnerability Is Ok

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Being vulnerable . . . ah, the classic challenge.  It is unlikely that we would have any sad movies, or romantic movies, or romantic-comedy movies if we didn’t have a character fighting the opportunity to be vulnerable.

Well, when it comes to marketing your law firm, we are here to tell you that being vulnerable and managing the feeling is the name of the game.  

A law firm is, in most ways, like any other business. And, like any other business, you cannot hide from the world, or your law practice will be the best-kept secret in the market. As you likely know, being the best-kept secret is a sure-fire way to not having a practice anymore.  

So, when you feel that ping in your gut where you would rather not reach out to a prospective client, or follow up on an email because you are fearful of rejection, you need to employ some tactics so you don’t let the fear impede your marketing efforts.

That is what this Marketing Mindset, part 2 is all about. In this article, we are going to give you a few ways to remain resilient to rejection. That way, being vulnerable will not be as scary as it once was. If, after reading this article, you have more questions about how to better digitally manage and market your practice we invite you to reach out to Oamii

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Don’t Just Deal With It, Embrace It

Sound’s crazy, no? Embracing rejection? It may seem to go against all of our regular human instincts, but embracing rejection has three positive results:

1. It gets you “out there.”
2. It builds a tough skin.
3. It helps you remember that it is not about you.

Let’s talk about each of those three positive consequences because, at the bottom, the key to business development is by welcoming the times when you will invariably get a “no.” In fact, by putting the appropriate perspective on rejection, your path to building a book of business will be that much easier and less painful.

1. Getting “Out There”

We have all heard the phrase “you gotta be in it to win it.” That is a mantra to really take to heart because it is really true. There is no way to build a book of the business unless you get “into the mix” of marketing your practice. 

Accordingly, the notion of getting comfortable being vulnerable, and embracing rejection, will help immensely in pulling down the barriers to you getting out there and doing what is necessary to market your practice effectively.

That could mean heavy digital marketing, with an agency like Oamii, or relying on email campaigns or even bus posters and billboards. Whatever your chosen mode of marketing – and you would be wise to strongly consider a digital marketing strategy these days – putting it out there is the way things will start to happen.

2. Toughen Your Skin

There is a book that is a worthwhile read. It is by Jia Jiang, titled Rejection Proof:  How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible Through 100 Days of Rejection. The gist of Jia’s story is that he went on a quest and sought out opportunities for rejection every day for 100 days. It sounds like an exercise in emotional masochism, but it had remarkable results. Jia understood that each rejection builds you a tougher skin, so that rejection does not sting as badly the next time around.

He notes that rejection is a muscle that you need to constantly work, you will become timid and weak. Also, rejection is only a numbers game. You push through enough “no’s” and you will eventually get to a “yes.”

3. It’s Not About You

Taking things personally seems to be how we are wired in our western culture. It seems, more often than not, that our culture is hyper-focused on how actions and events impact the self. Thus, we often personalize that another’s actions have to do with something about us. Yet, if you are simply asking someone if they have a need for your services, you are not doing anything wrong. As long as you are respectful in going about it, any rejection has nothing to do with you. Keep that in mind as you push through all the “no’s” you will invariably receive, and you will find that your emotional stress level will be not so bad as you develop your practice.  

Be positive, be vulnerable, be ok with rejection. That is the marketing mindset of lawyers who succeed. Good luck.

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