10 Ways Your Law Firm Can Get Leads: Tips On Building the Coveted “Book of Business”

Tips for AtBusiness Lead Generation Tips for Law Firmtorneys to Build a Book of Business and Leads Generation

“Do you have a book of business?”  That is the question you will hear most often if you want to move your legal career forward.  Whether you are hanging out your own shingle, looking to make partner, seeking to move to a new job, or even working hard to remain partner at your current law […]

Transform Your Legal Practice: Digital Marketing for Small & Medium Size Law Firms

Digital Marketing for Small and Medium Law Firms

Are you a small law firm struggling to make it in an ever-shifting legal landscape?  Do you feel that your small firm is crunched in a catch-22 between increased costs and clients demanding more for less?  If the answer to either question is a resounding “yes,” read on. A recent Thompson Reuters Solo and Small […]


Responsive Web Designing in Florida

Our team at Oamii will design a modern responsive website for your company that’s focused on client conversions. First, we will carefully review your completed design questionnaire to make sure all your requirements are meet within an agreed budget and timeline. Secondly, we support the realization of your ideas by providing our professional feedback in areas […]